Qskin ®


Q-SKIN by Fulgar ® is a 6.6 polyamide fiber with silver ions directly inserted during the spinning process that allow to regulate bacterial proliferation with lasting effectiveness.
The Q-SKIN ® fiber takes care of the skin by offering breathability, freshness, hygiene and comfort to the wearer.

How does it work
During normal daily activity or sport, our body produces sweat; Q-SKIN® technology is activated when the sweat molecules come in contact with the fiber: the silver ions helps to reduce excess bacterial flora, the main cause of bad smells.

Odor control
The ingredient inserted inside the Q-SKIN® fiber allows to reduce the formation of bad odors during daily and sporting activities, keeping a fresh and dry skin.

Q-SKIN by Fulgar® is soft and breathable. Its technology allows effective management of body moisture, leaving a pleasant sensation of freshness, to ensure unique performance of UNI EN ISO 62 comfort.

The Q-SKIN® fiber maintains its characteristics intact over time even after numerous washes. Bacteriostic efficacy tested by the MIS PLUS institute in Zurich according to the DIN ISO 20743: 10-2007 standard and resistance to washing tested by the MIS PLUS institute in Zurich according to the JIS L 1902/02 standard.

Q-SKIN® obtained numerous certifications for the protection of personal health and the environment. The OEKO-TEX STD 100 CLASS I label certifies the safety of the fiber for human health.