Manufacturer: FULGAR™

Fulgar’s Nanofibre is an innovative Nylon product, categorized as a microfiber, made up of filaments measuring 7 microns in diameter. This yarn enables us to make fabrics with an incredibly silk softy texture, yet at the same ensuring high coverage and featherlightness. What is more, it also retains the excellent friction resistance typically associated with continuous filament fabrics.

Nanofibre has a much lower weight than a traditional microfibre, yet it ensures greater covering power. Garments made from Nanofibre by Fulgar are more lightweight, pleasanter to the touch and offer greater coverage.

Has a filament-count ratio of 0.52 deniers per filament. This means it allows us to make fabrics which have an incredibly soft feel and a surprising silkiness.
Is ultralightweight because there are 25% fewer microfilaments as compared to a traditional microfibre.
Is made up of an incredible number of filaments which efficiently channel moisture away and ensure a rapid drying process, making for extreme comfort.
The fabric’s special design includes a high number of 7-micron-diameter microfilaments, meaning we can manufacture windproof and waterproof fabrics.